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The fire within 5/4

So lately ive been bitching about not being inspired  and not knowing where to go spirituality wise. But i did at least order the devotional book for Hel and hopefully that will give me some inspiration in regards to her.  And i have restarted reading the book on voodoo/hoodoo, i do miss the fete style rituals Sir and i used to go to,  but i dont want to go back them at the moment (for reasons im not getting into here).  Illl write more on that later since im fall asleep, but the fan i picked up is for freda, because i was in the store and this fan practically jumped out at me, i got this overwhelmining feeling of feminity and beauty, more later falling asleep.
As a side note i did actually fall asleep writing this, because i came back later and realized i hadnt written anything about the ghost stuff, but as i am still half awake it will have to wait till later


4/29 A new beginning?

Ive been slacking.  I havent had the time nor inclination to write anything more fluff except  for once or twice  in the last few weeks.  Sometimes in the past I  would just  write silly things just to have something to say.  Which in thinking about it I believe is contrary to the original intention. So ive been thinking about revamping it  and not forcing myself to write every day especially if I dont  have anything to say.  Im not trying to get out of writing  it completely, but I think Id me more apt to write things of substance a few times a week then force myself to write fluff more times then not if I try to do this every night . And who knows I might go back to every night.

Moving on, I have thought and meditated more on Hel.  Ive read folks blogs, poetry, stories, and songs to try to learn more about her and I feel like ive only scraped the surface about her.  Overall Ive felt rather directionless spirituality wise, not sure exactly what to do about it, but  eventually ill figure out a direction to go

daily fire 4/24

Last night and today I said several prayers to Hel to allow Sir’s Dr’s to have clarity, and for Sir to have the best outcome, and a few other things.  A friend of ours had given Sir Prayer beads for Hel, with representations in the beads of a ritual we did in dec.  He asked me to wear it during surgery, and all day long as i was praying to Hel I would hold and rub those beads, it helped to have something physical to hold and feel so I could be more focused.And when we were going back to see him, I said a quick prayer in thanks for Hel, and to the universe.

Sir also had a good idea, when I was leaving him last night to go crash for a few hours, he whispered in my ear that before I fall asleep that I should ground center and shield twice and as  Im meditation go thru my vision of what day should be like, and if im feeling stress or anxiety  to redo that meditation to calm myself down

Daily fire 4/19

I will say a prayer tonight to Hel, before i go to sleep, just a little thank you.

Quicck observation: on the way home from baltimore there was a very clear half moon guiding me home, and i said a little prayer in hopes the moon would guide Sir back to our house soon

I may not be the best writer but its from the heart.

A prayer to Hel
Lady of flesh and bone, wise, strong, I make a request, help clarity to flow to help the one i call Sir, and the doctors taking care of him, take the best course of action, to allow him to continue his work for you.
I will continue to support him in his work, and am continuing to keep my promise to you.

Daily or not fire 4/13

So yeah i skipped 2 days but ive been driving back and forth to bmore and lack of sleep has left me little quality/well focused time to reflect.  I did barely start the voodoo/hoodoo book, and so far what ive read is interesting. The author is not a practioner of either but it isn’t  a “scholarly” or theses work. The author as a child grew up in area where these practices were common and for the most part respected. Ill be writing more when i get a chance to read more

Daily fire 4/10

Dont really have much to say tonight other than im about to start a book on voodoo and hoodoo that i found unpacking a box, ill have to write about if its good or bad and if i learn anything new

daily fire 4/9

earlier today the freya statue  caught my eye, and after having a very stressful call with the cell phone company i decided to meditate and shut off for a few minutes and I started to listen to trance music and started to think of her and her beauty and sexuality, had some really hot and interesting visons/daydreams/etc and wanted to say thanks to Freya for them.

Daily fire 4/8

If im going to continue reviewung old posts i really need to tag them better.

A bit ago i was talking about adding things to my altar that represent Hel in order to keep my promises to Hel.  Ive been thinking and so far have come up with: some sort of bones to represent her skeletal side, its something that iwill need to search for whether i find them on the side of thhe road or or somewhere else but for me i think its a know it when i see it kind of thing.  Also, some sort of veil because from what igather she likes to keep her face partially hidden. Not sure what else but im working on it.

daily fire 4/7

So on thurs i mentioned i had finished the book on andvari and there was lots to think about, as part of that whole going back and actually writing about what i was thinking about here goes.

Reflecting on the books/andvaris concepts of ownership and money and that you need to let money/wealth change form or it will die/grow stagnant -or  at least thats what i got out of it – hit home this weekend both in that it was a tight weekend financially wise, and that my service to Sir was lacking and i was slightly disappointed in myself for not being better prepared.  Not that i didnt forget something super huge ( but his stuff is more important than my stuff, and yes its an m/s thing, and i hate forgetting something of his, but im getting slightly better)  but that im trying to grow and learn and get better service wise and take pride in my work .  I value my service(and so does Sir from what im told) and that makes me happy and valuable to him and to the community at large sort of which ties back to andvari and his pride of his craftsmanship.

Financially wise anvari and his love of money i kinda understand, but me and money have a love/hate relationship love it when i have it but hate when theres so many bills i live paycheck to paycheck.  But there are things i can do to value money better, such as using coupons, and doing smart grocery shopping, stocking up on sales, putting money aside for contingencies, really figuring out how much is spent on what  and what can be cutback etc to be able to have a better relationship with wealth.  This weekend it was rough financially and by planning better i think my relationship with wealth will be better.

This is not to say that im not rich in many other ways, i have great friends, a Sir who loves and guides me, someone who is helping me with my service, a biological family that is tolerable (mostly) I have a roof over my head, heat hot water etc  and food and clothing.  I also have interactions with deity, and  am able to grow in my journey.  I am truly rich with what matters