I dont know how people without a car long term survive in this town.  Don’t get me wrong there is “public transportation” and in a town this size I should feel lucky but my gosh it is sooo messed up .  Im lucky that there is a bus stop with in about a half mile of the house  that stops at my jobs front door.  The problem? it stop running at 6p and I work till 11:30.  Im trying to get a reliable ride home from a coworker but there is no ride board or central place to post a request, so its word of mouth.

Yesterday i needed groceries bad, and my neighbor was nice enough to take me and bring me back, otherwise it would be an almost 3 hour trip for a 4mi destination, between walking to the bus stop getting to the store , shopping, waiting for the next bus because they only run once an hour at best.  I ran another errand yesterday, and the same neighbor dropped me off at the location, but to get back I had to walk 1.5 miles to a  bus stop transfer downtown to another bus, then walk another 1.5 home, and my fat ass and bad knees dont normally walk that far.  While we work on a new to us car,

I know its survivable, i just cant get my head wrapped around how people do this long term, most of the buses shut down at about 6p, unless you want to go to walmart oh and that only runs till about 9p