I speak for the grieving, I should know I am one.  Death has never been easy for me, as a kid I was always the one who never cried at funerals, never showed emotions like that, kept it all bottled up.  Fast forward many years and I end up a shamans girl to an (awesome) guy who works with Hel.  EEk, the very thing im trying to avoid.

I am one of the grieving, for I grieve for someone I care deeply for, who has taught me many things, and yet I have so much more to learn.  I know he has a job to do, on both sides of the veil, and that I have promised to help him do his work while he is still on this earth. I grieve for I know I will lose him, but take joy in the fact that I will be there for him till the end, whenever that may be.

Ive been reflecting  on what it it means to speak for the grieving, and the grieving process and I came up with some thoughts/emotions; Sadness, anger, stress,denial,putting on a brave face, logistics.  All of which I have felt, and sure I will experience in times to come.  There are so many elements that goes into a terminal illness,  I cant imagine what he personally experiences sometimes, but I try to make things easier by handling things like the house, paperwork etc.  I handle things best when I have a job to do, it distracts me from some of the stress of things.  Job is on going Ill have to reflect more on what speaking for the grieving really means