Its been over a year since Ive written a blog post.  Ive been thinking about writing one for awhile now, but as usual Ive put it off until it seems like I *really*.  Ive neglected, but not completely ignored my woo, especially my promise to Hel.  I tend to go in cycles, life gets hectic and woo takes a back burner.  But, really it should be the other way around.  It is rather stressful as of late, no job, trying to pay rent, find a new job, and maybe a new place.  But if you think about it, in times of stress is when you should turn to your woo/faith/spirituality, it can give you strength, maybe refocus and lessen stress, something I need to remember.

As far as my promise to Hel, I hadnt forgoten it, but maybe not dedicated as much time as I should.  The picture is of a space I cleared in my room near my altars as a reminder that I need to take time to reflect on that promise, and perhaps a new job, recently it was mentioned that I need to speak for the grieving as part of my promise.  Not sure exactly what that entails yet, so  a little reflecting and note taking are in order.

The reflecting area also is a reminder to dedicate some time to Freya which I have also neglected.  20151120_210035