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I speak for the grieving, I should know I am one.  Death has never been easy for me, as a kid I was always the one who never cried at funerals, never showed emotions like that, kept it all bottled up.  Fast forward many years and I end up a shamans girl to an (awesome) guy who works with Hel.  EEk, the very thing im trying to avoid.

I am one of the grieving, for I grieve for someone I care deeply for, who has taught me many things, and yet I have so much more to learn.  I know he has a job to do, on both sides of the veil, and that I have promised to help him do his work while he is still on this earth. I grieve for I know I will lose him, but take joy in the fact that I will be there for him till the end, whenever that may be.

Ive been reflecting  on what it it means to speak for the grieving, and the grieving process and I came up with some thoughts/emotions; Sadness, anger, stress,denial,putting on a brave face, logistics.  All of which I have felt, and sure I will experience in times to come.  There are so many elements that goes into a terminal illness,  I cant imagine what he personally experiences sometimes, but I try to make things easier by handling things like the house, paperwork etc.  I handle things best when I have a job to do, it distracts me from some of the stress of things.  Job is on going Ill have to reflect more on what speaking for the grieving really means



Its been over a year since Ive written a blog post.  Ive been thinking about writing one for awhile now, but as usual Ive put it off until it seems like I *really*.  Ive neglected, but not completely ignored my woo, especially my promise to Hel.  I tend to go in cycles, life gets hectic and woo takes a back burner.  But, really it should be the other way around.  It is rather stressful as of late, no job, trying to pay rent, find a new job, and maybe a new place.  But if you think about it, in times of stress is when you should turn to your woo/faith/spirituality, it can give you strength, maybe refocus and lessen stress, something I need to remember.

As far as my promise to Hel, I hadnt forgoten it, but maybe not dedicated as much time as I should.  The picture is of a space I cleared in my room near my altars as a reminder that I need to take time to reflect on that promise, and perhaps a new job, recently it was mentioned that I need to speak for the grieving as part of my promise.  Not sure exactly what that entails yet, so  a little reflecting and note taking are in order.

The reflecting area also is a reminder to dedicate some time to Freya which I have also neglected.  20151120_210035