What an interesting kinky start to the new year, and no no details at the moment.

A while back I was talking to Sir about what happened at samhain about how I decided to look within and see if I could figure out what I’m doing wrong in attracting a romantic partner and he suggested I should really think about what I have to offer a potential partner.  It was hard just thinking about it, my knee jerk reaction was to say not much, but I know I do, I’m just very shy and have a lack of self confidence.
So here goes, what I can offer a potential partner:
1. Loyalty- I’m might be shy, and seem aloof but take the time to know me and crack the shell and I will be with you thru good and bad times
2 creativity- I am crafty and resourceful, I can sew, and if you need that odd whatchamacallit I’m pretty good at making it appear.
3. A good listener- I might not be the greatest at small talk or approaching people, but I’m good at listening with a sympathetic ear
4. Low maintenance-I’m not the kind of person that takes hours to get ready, or needs an exorbitant amount of your time.
5. Interests- I have a wide variety of social interests like live theatre, rocky horror, my music tastes is very broad and like anything from opera to rap and techno, so chances are we would like at least some similar artists.
6. Spirituality-I’m also exploring my spirituality and am eager to learn the way other people practice to see different perspectives.
7. I’m an excellent cuddler
That’s what I came up with at the moment, I’ll add more if I think of them
So looking back I do have something to offer, now just gotta find the right for me someone