A year ago today someone I love and care for deeply went through an ordeal.  See I had made a promise that if he came back I would spend time getting to know Hel, yup thats who I made the promise to, death.  I also promised to set aside space on an altar fornher, once I found , or they found me, appropriate item(s) to put on the altar.  I also promised to help Sir with his work for her.
While im not finsihed with that promise (and probably never will be) I am good with it being a lifelong process, cause well isnt good to always be learning?  I think I’ve done decently in  keeping that promise., but could do more.  Today when I sat in front of my altar to her I reread the letter I had written with the promises on it, and memories came flooding back, both good and bad.  We had just signed the lease on the new place, and it was a very stressful time for all with everthing else going on. But even with the stress and worry about the situation,  we had amazing support. People went out thier way to help with organizing things, moving stuff, doing woo things, etc.  We have an amazing choosen family, and I am forever in their debt.
I intent to continue honoring my promise
Hail Hel, and thank you