Ive been slacking.  I havent had the time nor inclination to write anything more fluff except  for once or twice  in the last few weeks.  Sometimes in the past I  would just  write silly things just to have something to say.  Which in thinking about it I believe is contrary to the original intention. So ive been thinking about revamping it  and not forcing myself to write every day especially if I dont  have anything to say.  Im not trying to get out of writing  it completely, but I think Id me more apt to write things of substance a few times a week then force myself to write fluff more times then not if I try to do this every night . And who knows I might go back to every night.

Moving on, I have thought and meditated more on Hel.  Ive read folks blogs, poetry, stories, and songs to try to learn more about her and I feel like ive only scraped the surface about her.  Overall Ive felt rather directionless spirituality wise, not sure exactly what to do about it, but  eventually ill figure out a direction to go