Last night and today I said several prayers to Hel to allow Sir’s Dr’s to have clarity, and for Sir to have the best outcome, and a few other things.  A friend of ours had given Sir Prayer beads for Hel, with representations in the beads of a ritual we did in dec.  He asked me to wear it during surgery, and all day long as i was praying to Hel I would hold and rub those beads, it helped to have something physical to hold and feel so I could be more focused.And when we were going back to see him, I said a quick prayer in thanks for Hel, and to the universe.

Sir also had a good idea, when I was leaving him last night to go crash for a few hours, he whispered in my ear that before I fall asleep that I should ground center and shield twice and as  Im meditation go thru my vision of what day should be like, and if im feeling stress or anxiety  to redo that meditation to calm myself down