I kinda feel bad that I havent posted in a few days  but really ive been super busy driving back and forth to baltimore and really didnt have anythin to write about spirituality wise. But today, i brought some things in to set up the mini altar at work , theres a shelf  essentially above my head and it now it has a small starfish charm and blue pebble that reminds me of the ocean for La Siren, some rose petals for freya , a jeweled heart patch for erzulie freda.  Nothing for Hel yet I just found something appropriate yet and id rather wait till i do.  On a break i took a few minutes to set it up, and say a prayer to those the items represent, to help me get thru the crappy job i have, and thanked them for the guidance they have given me, did some centering breaths and felt a bit calmer.