So on thurs i mentioned i had finished the book on andvari and there was lots to think about, as part of that whole going back and actually writing about what i was thinking about here goes.

Reflecting on the books/andvaris concepts of ownership and money and that you need to let money/wealth change form or it will die/grow stagnant -or  at least thats what i got out of it – hit home this weekend both in that it was a tight weekend financially wise, and that my service to Sir was lacking and i was slightly disappointed in myself for not being better prepared.  Not that i didnt forget something super huge ( but his stuff is more important than my stuff, and yes its an m/s thing, and i hate forgetting something of his, but im getting slightly better)  but that im trying to grow and learn and get better service wise and take pride in my work .  I value my service(and so does Sir from what im told) and that makes me happy and valuable to him and to the community at large sort of which ties back to andvari and his pride of his craftsmanship.

Financially wise anvari and his love of money i kinda understand, but me and money have a love/hate relationship love it when i have it but hate when theres so many bills i live paycheck to paycheck.  But there are things i can do to value money better, such as using coupons, and doing smart grocery shopping, stocking up on sales, putting money aside for contingencies, really figuring out how much is spent on what  and what can be cutback etc to be able to have a better relationship with wealth.  This weekend it was rough financially and by planning better i think my relationship with wealth will be better.

This is not to say that im not rich in many other ways, i have great friends, a Sir who loves and guides me, someone who is helping me with my service, a biological family that is tolerable (mostly) I have a roof over my head, heat hot water etc  and food and clothing.  I also have interactions with deity, and  am able to grow in my journey.  I am truly rich with what matters