didnt sleep well last night and work was crappy

finished the book on andvari it was really good.  Im glad i happened to come upon it, Sir and i were going thru books sorting  those we are keeping and those we are giving away to folks and we came across this book and Sir mentioned it  was by 2 folks that I had heard alot about but dont really know well.  The book was short but it gave an insight into andvari and concepts of money and ownership and gave me several things to think about.  Like  taking pride in what  you create/own/give away to others.  Which has always been an issue for me, alot of times in the past ive not really cared, like my sewing projects were ok  but i didnt take the time to make them great, and ive done things half assed.  More recently ive gotten a little better, and im trying to work on my service to Sir, as it is a reflection on him, and I want to make him proud.  Lots to work and think on