weather was cruddy but not as bad as predicted, but I took a snow day and was decently productive.

Sir mentioned possibly going to a party where the theme was mythology and thought it would be neat  to go and listed of a few he had in mind and one of them for me was freya, it got me to thinking, ive done  what the sca considers traditional viking/norse/etc outfits but they are kinda bland and utilitarian and I cant imagine freya in something like that cause  when i picture her in my head i see long flowy sexy dresses just exuding  feminine charm.  He mentioned that in addition to the necklace he wears she also wears a bracelet and that lore ill   have to look at tomorow cause im fallin asllep

did some work trying to do some grounding/centering seems  to be help with stress and and get back into the swing on things