work was ok

started reading a book by a friend of mine R its a collection of essays and devotionals about Baphomet and its really interesting. Part of one of my spirituality projects is to learn more about who Sir works with to become a better shamans girl.  R describes her experiences with Baphy and how she came to serve him and the picture she paints about how he came to her in the body of another and claimed her.  I was very moved and felt like i was ther, that I could feel the emotions and see what happened that night.  Some of the other essays in the book are about service as a form of spirituality, which is what I feell I was called to do for Sir.  That I am the unseen pair of hands handing him or whomever has taken him the tool or item whatever is needed.  Still need to work on paying better attention to anticipate things better.  so back to baphy i dont know a ton about him, but here goes, can be male and or female, lord of pervasions,  has a particular affinaty for the forgotten, bdsm, sexual perversions.  I havent finished the book yet  but I really enjoy the personal stories/experiences and lookforward to finishing them to be able to understand baphy better