Busy morning, but awesome housewarming party with friends. Thought of the day the fragrance of roses is awesome. Ive had experiences with 2 deities that have associations with roses, freya and erzulie freda. Ive said many time that the whole idea of girly girl stuff frightened me because ive have always tried to go unnoticed, and what better way than to put on non descriptive clothing and no makeup. Today when i was out shopping i saw this litte set of shower gel and lotion that was rose scented, and i dont know if it was the monkeys in my brain or someone else going you really need that- well actually you need something thats better quality, this was on clearance from v day, but it will do in a pinch. So i picked it up and when i took a shower i used the shower gel, the scent didnt last long but it was enough to drift me off into visions/daydreams of my experiences with freya and freda and i was happy and content.