work was awful, i was exhausted  and had to sit throu a snooze fest of a meeting.

This weekend was challenging, im not going into details, but it was rough. Im going to think more on that later, but sunday I had this perfect moment> i was leaning against Sirs leg  sitting on the floor and curled my hand around his leg, and star and he put his hand on my shoulder and I felt this wave of emotion/energy flood over me.  There was tears in my eyes but i was happy, happy that he owns me in good and bad times, happy that as we were rolling thru the space he put his leash on me and wrapped it around his fingers. I felt such an energetical connection.

In other news I think it would be really interesting to be a fly on the wall at a certain upcoming ritual involving spirits of mischief, it would be quiet interesting to see what mischief pops up