work was ok  had decent appt with new nuerologist, at least i got an rx for a new mask since this one i have now is probably a year old


Sir has a great blog about Sacrifice and spirit work, that alot of people that do spirit work have sacrificed many things it order to serve the deities the work for..  Many have sacrificed countless hours of time, energy, normal lives to do what they do.    I used to whine about not having a more active relationship with deity and why they didnt talk to me directly, and then i got a clue.  I saw how much time and effort Sir puts into reading cards, or writing rituals , talking with clients, attending events and teaching, and all the rules he has to follow,  it can make his life very challenging, but as someone reminded him recently, its a choice he makes.  Im glad he did,  for it gives me so much pleasure to serve him in whatever way i can, and if that helps him to choose to sacrifice “normal” life in order to do spirtual work , i am happy to kneel at his feet