work was ok but super massively tired and have headache and in lots of pain.

ya know ritual planning takes alot of work..

.moving on, im somewhat inspired about beauty, in that i put some clothes on this am and looked down and actually liked what I saw, still gotta work work on the hair and other things and  achieve a balance, dont want to be super femmy, it would take to long to get ready but i have to admit that im inspired about the whole fashion thing..Sirs always said he got the god ping that it was his job  to push me into a more feminine appearance…in some respects it scares me, but theres this tiny spark going hey this might not be too bad, but at first  when i started having some experiences with more feminine dieties i was like really? me ahh man, and was kinda annoyed.  It might have taken me awhile to get the clue, but thank you to Oshun, Erzulie Freda, La Sirene, and Freya for hitting me upside the head with a clue by four, next time hopefully ill get the hint faster.  Still doesnt mean ive figured out who owns my head, and i still feel like something big is coming up but  thank you.