Went to friends wedding, it was nice to get out with Sir and his boyfriend we all looked really nice
The house we were at was decked out in fresh roses and got me to thinking about freya, kinda fits tho,  love beauty and all that.  Im happy for the couple that got married, they really looked happy.  I know it will take awhile for me to find that special someone that will fit into my life, sometimes on days when i feel depressed i think ill never find anyone.  But for right now i need to focus on getting the new place in order, my spirtuality research/projects, and improving my service to Sir, and getting out there and meeting folks just in general without the intent oh omg i need to find a date – sure a date would be nice- but i do need to meet people first.
Oh and A is awesome cause hes gonna give me some amber and i just got an idea in my head that i should use it to create something special to wear for when i get the freya cutting.

Thank you freya, i might not always think that i am beautiful or desired, and every so often you remind me not to think that way