cant believe its already the end of january

so awhile back Sir pulled some runes for me about a question i had about the bind rune im thinking about doing for Freya, and ive been looking into them more the first one was laguz which, looking into it makes perfect sense for me .  The ebb and flow of water and emotion, that you must have emotions but not allow it to overwhelm you ,,,,hmm that sounds super familiar to me .  one of the other runes in the reading was Berkana  which to me means taking a new path, rebirth, new start,, and i came across something  that said something about also cultivating relationships which is something  i really need to work on, i whine all the time aboout never getting a date, but its more than that, just working on friendships would help too.

Overall im geting the feeling that i need to wait more toward spring for getting the cutting done