Got a chance to clean a bit while Sir had company, yay clean house. The garage is still a mess and theres a bunch of stuff in storage but it will get done sometime.
The tau (apartment at the end of the universe) is starting to look like a home, still need to get some bookshelves for all the books we have and get some decorations up but at least theres not stacks of boxes everywhere.  Ive set up my personal altar as well it has some things from my ancestors and somethings that represent my past present and possible future.  I have some items from when i was wiccan, because realistically i dont call myself that anymore.  I m not even sure if pagan really fits but eh for now.  I also have the dreaded pink training collar and the first regular collar of Sir’s that i made.  They are very important to me a symbol of our history,  where we have been and where we could go.

Going to meditate tonight see if i can process more of these kinda blah ho him feelings see if i can figure what to do and see if i can get an idea of what the big looming thing is that i think is coming up