day was ok didnt seem to get much accomplished.

Sir and i had a a very interesting talk this evening.  He had been in his room and I was in the living room,  I was doing research on Hel , reading several essays on who she is and how she operates and  then Sir pops out and says something like hey we should go smoke, he had just finished a reading for a client, had gotten a godsmack about it and needed to ground a bit.  He hadnt realized that I was doing the Hel research and when i told him, it kinda made sense that he all of a sudden got the reading done .  We talked about how the runes associated with hagalaz and Ear  have different meaning  but they both bring about change, hagalaz rather quick crisis like change, and ear (being associated with death) slower more deliberate change.  We also talked about how gods have agency as in can do their own thing, and that their are risks by either choosing to work with them or choosing not to and their might be consequences for either choice.