work was ok back still hurts alot

last night i was trying to write something more about Hel but I was exhausted and was falling asleep trying to type.  So here goes –  I havent told everyone this yet but have told a few folks. on the day of Sirs surgery I had been exhausted and come back to the room to nap and then I had a dream/nightmare/whatever of Hel’s skeletal grabbing my arm and then the drs coming out saying  he didnt make it. Of course now i know that didnt happen but at the time i was freakin out, still working on processing that.

also out of the blue one of the callers name at work today was freya, as part of my job we get the first name and last initial of the person calling and at first i thought i was hearing things and then i asked her to spell it , w as kinda stunned cause  i had never heard anyone named after Freya, i could look at it as a sign of hey  maybe I should pay more attention to freya  or there is  something shes trying to tell me, or who knows.