quick morning, took the friend back to the airport, and probably talked his ear off on the  way back and forth to the airport.


Some of the altars have been up since yesterday, still have to finish them and set up the death/Hel/ancestor altars but we had a leisurely morning and didnt feel we had the proper time to do it by the time we got going .  I still feel somewhat disconnected from the items  that i unpacked, and tonight im going to sit in front of them, see if I can reconnect.  We ended up going with 2 in the main living space, one male, one female when we were setting them up it just seemed to fall into place that way.  I still havent found the right token  for Hel yet to add to her spot on the death deitys altar when we set it up, i am somewhat worried about having the death altar in my room ive never been able to handle death or even the possibility of it well, but with it in my room maybe  I can start to have a better understanding and not fear it as much.