Rave need to go to bed earlier, rather tired today.
Im hanging out in the cell phone lot at bwi waiting to pick up a friend for a visit.  Hopefully whiles hes here he can help us set up altars and finish warding the house.

Something happened on a group list im on-spirituality based- that i dont know if im just the one who thinks its a little hinky or what, someone,  who i dont recognize but then again i dont know everyone on the list. But i thought it was odd that the first post that i see from this person is the a post about needing help protecting themselves from thier upstairs landlord who after finding that this poster did some sort of ritual started to “leave things for them ” and do things like supposedly boil ” smelly” urine. Multiple folks offered helpful suggestion, now dont get me wrong i have no problem offering helpful suggestions but the way this person posted things and used phrases like african couple and things like i think they are listening in on me and using cctv to watch me just set off alarm bells for me, dont know if im reading too much into it, but i just think its odd.