Work was ok. My body is hurting tho my back is starting to have muscle spasms again and i wish it wasnt so hard to find shoes that fit my feet and dont hurt me an hour after i start wearing them.  I cant afford those fancy orthotic type shoes and i only want something casual like a slip on or sneaker and every time i try shoes on that fit my actual foot it feels funny or hurts somewhere…. sigh
Tonights observation is about family of choice/community.  When going thru something big spirituality wise it helps to have folks you can relie on to process it with, it might seem wierd to ask for help, i know ive been guilty of feeling that ive asked too much in that respect, as in help with processing, but some times it takes me awhile to process on my own, get a handle on things and then talk to someone.  Also if you are person helping process something learn to know when to take a pause or to ask help from someone else so you dont get overwhelmed.

And thank you to everyone who has looked out for me, especially recently, i might not have acted lime it but i do appreciate it.