Baking lots of cookies for neighbors store runs and sorting thru boxes filled my day
Sir posted a blog about “Work” in the spirituality sense.  Its a reacurring theme in my life lately.  Many years ago i plodded along not really doing much spirituality wise but i expected things to just fall into my lap, and then i met this guy (Sir) who called me on it.  He said something to effect of stop waiting for something to magically drop out of the sky and get your ass and pursue it yourself.  Do the research into different deities ask for advice talk to others but do something.  Ive talked about thinking that someone has been looking over my shoulder, and i may never know who it is, or there may be no somethings but at least ive done some research, learned a lot, listened a lot and gone further spirituality wise in the last 4 years than i have in a lifetime.