I was humiliated at work today, in addition the several other problems, when my sup called me in to alert me to a call i messed up on, she also mentioned that my nose blowing was a “distraction” and could i please go down the hall or to the bathroom when i need to blow my nose! Um really? They track every second you arent on the phone i mean you have to use your break time if you need to go to the bathroom.  I shouldnt have to use my break time just to walk down the hallway to blow my nose i mean what am i supposed to do when im on a call say sorry i need to put you on hold cause i have to go somewhere else to blow my nose? I cant control when i do it, i know it was a coworker that sits nearby that said something because she said something to me earlier and then later said oh i didnt mean to be rude but my sup was listening in and i couldnt hear the caller.
Im so stressed with everything else going on i wanted to yell at the sup, instead i went back to my desk finished my day and cried most of the way home, i cant quit the job i need the money and it took me forever to find this one but as soon as the moving stuff settles im putting my resume in and seeing whats out there i shouldnt have to be afraid to blow my nose at my desk.
Tomorrow is hopefully the big move of most of the stuff from hgerstown i need to make sure to do some meditation before i go to bed jist to release some of this stress otherwise ill be no good tomorrow, i need to do some sort of catharsis soon and some sort of spirituality service project just to get me back on track because other than the Hel stuff i havent really done any research and i feel im missing something