hmm the end of 2012 dont know really how I feel about it, some good  some really good some bad some really really.  its ending on a high note  Sir is recovering from dangerous surgery and we found a great place to live.  Now comes the stress of moving settling and his recovery.  Some interesting things ahead, we will see how it goes.

having a bit of a funk/bad emotional day….. found out some interesting things about Hel last night , from what ive read so far she is very, hmm i guess the word is firm-  i get the idea that with some deities theres maybe  a bit of wiggle room-for interpretation of oaths, things you should do etc, but with Hel, from what i understand, because im just getting to know her, is that that doesnt fly with her, and if you try to get out of something she will make your life miserable. thats why when Sir was telling me about folks writtings letter to Hel about Sirs surgery he reiterated to be careful what I promise Hel, as in dont promise anything you cant follow through on because it will mess you up in the end.

more tomorrow