Slightly productive morning surfing and emailing about apartments since time is running short. Cant seem to get rid of these tension/migraine headaches, the magic meds work for awhile but i hate living on them since they also have caffiene, and that can fuck with my system esp with the wake up meds

So the observation of the day is rather odd and im not sure what it means but at the time they happened i got this weird vibe that sometimes i get about spirituality things, so here goes.  I almost hit a person and a squirrel today in seperate events. I didnt have to slam the brakes but did have to stop or considerably slow down.  I was at a stop sign turning left, i lit a smoke looked both way and took my foot off the brake and was about to hit the gas when i swear this guy,  who seems to appear out of nowhere walks in front of my truck and i brake again. I mean i had looked because this intersection quite frequently has people walking through it and he wasnt there when i looked. Yes it could have been i didnt look hard enough but i just got this strange feeling that it was important somehow. The second thing,  i had to slow down considerably to not hit a squirrel going accross the road.  Same thing here it seemed the squirrel just appeared, i hadnt seen it on the side of the road or in a tree or anything.  Again it could be just that i didnt see it before it ran across the road, but i got that weird vibe again.  Not sure if someone is trying to tell me something to ill have to medidtate on it.
The letter to Hel is coming along, did some more writing last night, it is very emotional for me to do, but it is very important.