dead tired today and my body is messed up, got 5 hrs sleep went to go pee and spent the next hour trying to convince my body to go back to sleep and lost the fight even thought 30 mins after that i was dead tired.


going to work on the letter to Hel more tonight, im running out of time to get it done, and its REALLY important.  last time when I set a timer it seemed to work well, i wasnt strested over how long I was spending, but was able to get a decent amount done.  Sir did a quick reading for me with runes about the bind rune for Freya, and from what He and I saw, it looks like its best to  put it off for right now, and perhaps do it in the spring.  It was suggested by the reading  that i need to have more of a relationship with the runes in the bind rune before I cut them into my skin, so more research, practice, and meditation on there is in order.  When  Freya first wrote them on me  i thought I had the basic idea of what the runes she used meant, turns out theres sooo much more.  I googled, I watched you tube videos I read passages of books and websites and described in my own words what they meant to me  so I could have a better understanding of what I was getting myself into, but it seems like have more work to do 🙂