Work was acceptable.

How a pedicure can be a quasi spirituality experience.  Had my first ever pedicure. They soaked scrubbed, rubbed and painted my toenails. It was fabulous. Even with the noise amd the nasty chemically smell in the place i was still able to let myself kinda meditate and let those kajilion thoughts roll thru and process a bit. It forced me to sit and be in the moment and running around everywhere trying to do everything. It allowed me to relax- and the massaging chair didnt hurt either.  It allowed me to mull over the new project Sir i and A have started.
And on a side note i apparently dont hide the stress,  frenetic energy and explodyness as well i thought i did.  Thought i was kind of an expert at hiding that kind of sruff but it was brought to my attention that several people had noticed.  Not going to apologize, sometimes its just the way i deal with serious emotions, push them aside until i have the time to deal with properly, or on the other extreme meltdown and freak out for a bit. Its something that im going to have to work on very hard in the next few weeks because someones counting on me to make it thru stressful time and be theone one that has or can get the answers.  I will need all the help i can get both spiritualy, mentaly and physically to make it thru the next few weeks without seriously stressing out.