Im writing this before i leave to go meet up with my folks, because they are the focus of this today.  Secrets, i have kept my spiritual path from them because it was easier, they wouldnt understand the concepts of paganism and being a shamans girl.  They are rather conservative and old fashioned mom grew up catholic and dad methodist. It was just easier not to bring up drama. I explained away the kink/pagan events as sci fi cons, something they could handle a bit better. Most of my life is a secret from them, the nature of my relationship with Sir ive been vague for about.  The nature of my alternative sexuality would be hard to explain to them and they are very prejudice.  It has helped that i have come out to my sister. When i told her about my relationship with Sir she was concerned about and had lots of questions but ultimately said as long as your happy im ok. Ive started to explain to her the extent of my spirituality and its going ok. Am i goin to drop the bomb on them today? Nope, but slowly asserting my opinion and introducing concepts i wont have to hide the truth which can be difficult.