Work was acceptable except for the annoying caller who could barely speak english- and im being generous who got upset when i explained something 5 times, for something very simple and she didnt get it. Having to interrup the caller multiple times to repeat themselves because you cant understand them is frustrating.

There is still the scent of the rose oil in my room, whenever i smell it i try to pause and reflect just take a few mintues to remember who i am am. Latey i have been feeling kinda invisible when it comes to how i look and present myself. Like noone notices me.  Ive come to think that romanticaly wise im noones “type” that noone sees me as a potential romantic partner.  Im ok with that though. With everything going on that type of stuff has taken the back burner for the most part, but it still would be nice to occasionally go out on a date.  Im still working on the whole femininity thing, that will be a long ongoing process.  Also still have to figure out whens the best time to get the runes done for freya