Work was ok, slept badly last night tho so super tired at work.

The last several months of my spiritual path have been challenging.  There have been quite a few ups and downs as far as momentum. But, i wouldnt have it any other way for too long in the past i never challengened myself spirituality wise.  Some people go throught there path with no major challenges, nothing uncomfortable, and that might be ok for them but not for me. I want to be challenged, i want to have my work called into question, i want people to ask me why im doing things the way i am. I want to be heard, to have my opinions matter, to listen to others advice and carefully consider what it means to me.  Awhile back when i started this daily fire it was because the reading i had said i need to see the little things that can matter spirituality wise, that i need to record them so i can look back and see my progress or lack thereof and reflect on it.   To have that leap of faith that i believe that there are dietys out there that are bigger than we can comprehend at times and that while they do work with humans they also have agency to do their own work.
Ive said lately there is something big that i am missing spirituality wise and im not sure what it is but im getting the feeling that its not just one but several big somethings and that they are coming soon.  Its some thing that i really need to meditate on and not let slip even tho there are so many things to do.