Writin this early cause tonight were going to be getting back late. Got some of the things wrong on the truck fixed to the tune of 458 bucks but it still needs approx 800 worth of work, there a slow oil leak in the main seal the parts cheap but the labors not also need a new tensioning wheel for one of the belts. This always happens to me i go i in for something normal like brakes and 10 other things pop up.

I didnt sleep well bit when i woke up i smeeled the rose oil i had put on the roses last night, it smelled yummy, and usually i dont go for heavy floral scents, put me in the mood to dress up tonight.  Sitting on the porch watching the clouds/ kinda stormy day go by, im reflecting on my spiritual path so far.  Early on progress was next to nothing but the last few years i have gained by leaps and bounds. With everything going on i havent completely abandoned my research or my grounding centering practice, which is unusual for me i tend to start things and not see them through.this path is lifelong there is no “completion”, and im ok with that.