1st day after getting my nipples pierced, and have to say its not as bad as i thought i it was going to be.sure they ache a bit and if i touch them theres definately some sore ness but im not in constant pain.
Its a great reminder of our commitment. Im going to spend some time meditating over that and several other things floating thru my mind. I need to refocus on a few projects and clear my mind for the challenging weeks to come.
Edit: i wrote that in the afternoon, and later had a scene that affected me alot more than i expected. It was a reward for something good i had done, dont get me wrong i had fun, but it brought a lot of things up to the surface that had been bubbling awhile. It was definately helpful, but very intense and im still feeling the effects. It brought some clarity to the letter i need to write before Sir goes into the hospital, i had been feeling like i didnt know what to say, and its was clear that i need to handwrite it rather than type which would have been easier to me. It allowed me to voice something than i had been holding back for awhile, that was difficult for me to say. It gave me the feeling that i needed more catharsis, by someone other than Sir, and that is in the works.
More later cause i gotta get up real early.