Wow what a day. So i now have 10 gauge barbells barbells through my nipples.  Its a symbol of Sirs and mine next step, going 24/7. I am very proud to be his girl. I am proud of the journey we have taken and the journey yet to come. I waas definately nervous,  but excited too. It was relatively quick, yes there was some pain involved but also joy and laughter. He blindfolded me which i didnt expect,  i kissed his boots, my legs were shaking  and as i laid down on the table i tried to let it go, feel the moment and the nervousness but not let them overwhelm me.  He asked me why i was doing this, and i replied this is a mark of owenership, that i am proud to serve him and be his girl.  He guided me the whole way reminding me to breath and to ground and center. It was difficult to do either with so many thoughts going through my head but with his touch,  his energy flowing into me i was able to breath occasionally.    And while it happened there was some amazing feelings going on (not to mention 2 slight orgasms)   i was so sensitive that the touch on his hand on my thighgot me hot.It wasnt till it was all done and i was sitting up that the blindfold came off and i was allowed to see the beautiful jewelry in me.  I dropped my knees and kissed his boots. What a truley emotional spiritual moment.  I have come so far and yet there is a long way to go, there are challenging times ahead, but with his energy, guidance and presence i know i wont be facing it alone.
Thank you Sir