Was really upset this am that noone had a live stream of the macys day parade iwas sooo lookin forwards to it.  Had a real nice dinner with friends.

I dressed up for dinner tonight, not that it was a requirement more i was getting this push like you need to be girly tonight.  I wore a dress that makes me look decent and did my hair etc.  Got compliments on it, but my mind drifted back to one person, the last time i wore the dress, that made a comment( to the effect of are you going to a luau ( not sure where they got that but the dress is one shoulder and a blue / green abstract pattern)? Kinda hurt my feelings cause i had taken alot of time and effort into choosin the dress and doing makeup and hair etc. But tonight nothing but compliments.
Tonights going to he about thanks.  I am eternally greatful for all the people that have made donations to our ” new beginning” they have been extremely generous.  I am thankful for my friends, who have stuck with me through this wild wacky journey i call life.  And most of all i am thankful for Sir, who has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Sure that has been ups and downs and sharp learning curves, but overall i wouldnt have it any other way. I love you dearly Sir and I am yours for however long you will have me.  You have opened my eyes, taught me how to better view the world, kicked my ass in gear when need be, and put up with my quirks, and given me sound advice about my path.  You have given me a place at your feet, and i will follow you wherever your journey in life takes you.