Work was tolerable iwas so tired my mind kept zoning out. I know part of it is my very ancient cpap mask, being unemployed and not being able to afford health insurance i wasnt able to replace it and right now dont have a pcp so gotta wait till i can get an appt to get the script for supplies.

Last night i talked about getting back on track with little observations about spirituality stuff. Tonights is gonna segway into a bit bigger but here goes
How losing something small has big meaning.  I Have this ring i call my La Sirene ring cause when I first saw it in the store i immediatley thought of Her. I keep it in my purse and when im thinking of her or my fingers run over it I kiss it. Its got a fake crystal and a seashell on it and a strecthy band so it can get it on my fat fingers. It was very cheap, i was rummaging in a clearance bin and it just there and i had to have it. And, I have lost it.  Yesturday my purse spilled all over in the truck,  and later that day i went to grab it and couldnt find it.  I frantically searched in the truck, my purse, and my backpack and cant find it. Something very small can have a powerfull effect on you.  If she deems fit to return it to me, i will thank her.