yeah its a tad late, but considering the day i had im lucky im not curled up into a ball rocking myself back and forth because of stress.


when the shit hit the fan today (which has been solved for the moment ) i really  really tried to ground and center before I almost ran screaming from my building at work but it didnt help much I was so overwhelmed  so triggery that the slightest thing would set me off.  I only worked 2.5 hours today and i know i made a mistake and  so stressted about not being able to find things  and my computer reeking havoc  and not working that i was ready to quit,i went on break and Sir mentioned that he was having difficulty fixing the rx error  and I had the out I needed .  So I went to my boss and said  hes having complications and im leaving for the day and i was so bad that I started to cry in front of my boss ssso off i go on a whirlwind 8hr adventure  to fill 2 rxs.  So yeah stressed, when I came home Sir saw how bad it was and we decided to put off our grounding centering ritual untill we are both in a better state of mind