Work was ok got my last pick  shift bid tho so it means I had the worst stats of the class cause they base it on metrics.  Which is really depressing  because every other call center job ive been at the top. That on top of traffic, lots of driving, crappy shift, my cotrainees being asshats, trying to save money to get the truck fixed and find a new place, my body hurting a lot, having problems keeping awke, wanting snuggle time, really wanting sex this has turned out to be a super crappy depressing week..

In the next few weeks I need to sit down and carve out time to spend thinking about what I want to say to Hella, to convince her to let him stay around because hes important, not just to me but to a lot of other folks and the community at large. also want to petition a few deities to ask  for the best possible outcome