Work was ok I finally figured out a procedure that was bugging me.  Tomorrow we finally get released from the training bay mini desks to our real desks, gotta figure out how to decorate it so I can let folks know im not as closed minded as my training class.

Wow ive only done some preliminary research but there is a lot of different divination systems.  Someone came up with 4 general categories omens- like tracking natural phenomenon, bad crop cycles weird births etc, sortilege –the casting of items, like stones, bones, beans etc, augury-which ranks a given set of possibilities from what I understand thing like dowsing and animal entrails would fit in this category the last one is spontaneous which seems to use everyday items that the diviner finds as tools around them.  Sir always talked about wanting to learn reading animal entrails I think that would be kinda interesting.  When I first started in alternative religion I really  only knew about tarot cards then I had heard about runes but didn’t have anyone I really knew that did them, fast forward over 20 years, and ive have some sort of personal experience with tarot cards, a divination system that only one small group uses (at least that they know of), and been trying to learn runes and what they mean.  More later brain hurt