Work was ok got my ” assesment” which tookall of 30 secs to hand me a piece of paper that has my overall handle time and a statement saying i should try to realize that not everything is going ro be a quick answer- essentially telling me to be patient. Which sucks because there was no hey you should look at this or even afew minutes of sitting with me to go over things. Ive had lots of call center jobs and this is the first one im worried i might now make it out of probation. The procedures and sops we follow are in my opinion messed up so it take 15 mins to find an answer. It might be just me but i dont know my avg handle time is way above what it should be. How do i get a balance between it and serving the caller?

Sir and i had a good talk about grounding and centering stuff tonight and how it can be useful in stressful situations and also his work,  definately gotta practice so i can get better. Still thinking about what my next project is spirituality wise is, it might be learning more about the different divinations systems are i seem to have been thinking about them and coming i to contact with them alot