Today was super super long and emotional and challenging and sad and depressing. Not going into details.

Sir and I have been talking a lot about some things going on spirituality wise Im not going into cause it’s a very emotionally charged subject and if I say stuff I think it will not be nice.

Let me just say that I trust Sir and his judgment in our dynamic as shaman and shamans girl I feel that this is part of my spiritual path, and yeah he might do some things that are controversial, but he serves his clients and gives them what they need and doesn’t push his beliefs on anyone.  If he believes whatever the client needs is  beyond his pay grade or he feels uncomfortable he helps them find the Iright person to help.  When I saw the first time he horsed Loki, at the time  I had never seen a possession never seen a horseing nothing of that nature except for maybe a wiccan ritual where they “drew down” the goddesses energy.  When I saw Sir go off, and then the body returned I could see the change, I could see the shift of energy, I could see the different ways the body moved and spoke and acted in general that Loki was completely different then Sir .

Ive seen him walking around at events and all of a sudden strange folks come up to him and end up talking to him for hours about spirituality stuff and end up being clients whether temporarly or longer term, he has an intuition about what these clients need and then figures out how to make it happen, but it’s the people that come to him and ask him for help, not him that goes up to some strange person and goes hey I know you need to do x and I can do that for you.  Yes he works with/for some darker deitys but those are not the only ones he works with.  He does an incredible amount of work for the community.

These are my own words and im not saying that anyone or any group who either doesn’t understand what he does or or doesn’t like what he does is bad but a little mutual understanding is good