Wow where did the day go when to mburg to get the rest of my stuff at the old place so i could go over to brunswick tomorrow and drop it off went to the store came home made some food then boom its 7pm i feel like i hardly accomplished anything i wanted to, and theres so much to do.

Started a fire in the fireplace tonight I just felt chilled even tho the heat is on.  This sometime happens to mewhen I feel depressed and lonley and thats what I ve been feeling all day, I feel like I cant get warm. Its not any one thing that makes me feel this way thers just alot of flucuation in my life right now
I am still processing what happened last weekend both by myself and with Sir and others, it will be an ongoing process.
I have the freya necklace I made hanging up in my room, and I have been giving more thought to the whole girly girl thing.  In some ways im torn, if I clean up my act and start wearing more girly clothes and makeup and such maybe ill actually get a date once and awhile, and part of me goes but why should I have to do those things just to find companionship.  at this point even though I havent had a date in forever, i guess i need to strike a compromise between the two to show the true me