we survived frankenstorm with nary a flicker of power or tree branch down, ive enjoyed the surprize day and a half  off from work since they closed early mon and were closed tues

Ive kinda been cavegirl today since its been cold and damp and icky.  I am very lucky since we didnt have any damage from the storm.  After the dinner experiment and dishes were done i decided to try out the fireplace for the first time.  I started the fire  (just a small one in case the flue wasnt great) sat in front of it  and stared into the flames for a bit.  For me the flames can have a trancing effect on me and I used it to allow some of the feelings ive been experiencing over the last few days come thru and start to process it will take awhile there was some serious emotions that came up.  Sir and I had a talk both at the ritual, on the car ride home and at home about what went on, and I think its a work in progress.  I love that I can come to him with anything and if he isnt the right person to handle something he can usually make good suggestions on someone who is.