Work was tolerable we played musical seats again and at least im not sitting next to the girl that doesnt like me. Backs killing me tho i know i slep bad sat night when i tried the other mattress but thought it would go away the next day when i switched back but it hasnt gotten better I did do some more research on the ghede, the lwa of death. Death and dying is a touchy subject for me since someone I care deeply for is facing some potentially dire medical issues i dont want ti think about it cause it makes me sad in fact im tearing up just writing this. But death is a part of life i cant just blow off the feelings I have, I need to deal with them, even though ive never been great when it comes to that. Also the ghede, when they posess someone like to dance rather well, baudily they might dance seductively and such like that, ive only had one experince with the ghede at a ritual and this one coming up is dedicated to them so it should be interesting. Its also dedicated to ancestors, and those that have passed this year. I dont do alot of ancestoral worship but i do have my buddy’s hat on my regular altar. He was my moms dad, and the only relative i felt i had a real connection with, even tho he passed when i was 13, he was well cool he got that even at that age i was different and he was ok with that he was from another generation but he kinda got my generation and me. So Buddy, wherever you are love you lots.