Work was awful awful awful, I woke up with a headache aching all over super tired and not one of my co trainees even mentioned the fact that I practically ran out of the classroom yesterday- and they know generically that Sir is going thru some health issues.  I mean I know ive been whinely the last feel days but the facgt that no one acknowledge a very important person in my life sent my over the edge , I got upset very very sad, on the verge of tears and every little thing triggered me, the comp being slow etc etc.


Sir and I did a really awesome chakra based meditation today it was a bit long and challenging  at times, I had never done this one  but I really liked  it really helped take me out of stressful work stuff and  relax my entire body.  I felt at one point as if I was going to leave my body and go to the place I was thinking of, Sir says its not uncommon to feel kinda trancy