Work was, well the best thing I can say is it was short-I had to leave halfway thru.

So today after running around we end up at home around 6, we have dinner , normal everyday occurrences right? But everytime I go downstairs i catch a whiff of something that smells like roses… and I haven’t sprayed anything or have a candle that smells like that…hmm wonder who that could be. So yeah tonight post is about erzulie Freda, who I associate with the rose smell ever since I got doused in the stuff from Sir’s helpful insistence ( I know he means well, but does it have to be girly girl smelly stuff) yeah it helped me get in the spirit of things so to speak, and she liked the cup that I found for her.

So I don’t think its any surprise that lately Ive been feeling that old familiar self pity thing of im not beautiful, no one wants me ,even though rationally I know someone does, that I haven’t felt beautiful etc that Freda pops back into to remind me that I am beautiful and to get off my butt and get over it.  Its also not surprising that since ive been smelling the roses ive also had the Freda song rolling around in my head all evening and ive felt like dancing